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Sky-High Luxury Living in Uptown Dallas: Discover Bleu Ciel’s Premiere Penthouses

Imagine waking up every day to an extraordinary view, perched atop the highest residential viewpoint in Uptown Dallas. At Bleu Ciel, this dream becomes a reality.

Imagine waking up every day to an extraordinary view, perched atop the highest residential viewpoint in Uptown Dallas. At Bleu Ciel, this dream becomes a reality. The two stunning Premiere Penthouses, occupying the 32nd and 33rd floors, offer an unparalleled luxury living experience. With their expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, breathtaking views, and prime location, these homes are perfect for those who crave excitement and serenity in equal measure. Let’s explore what makes the Bleu Ciel Premiere Penthouses a truly unique and exquisite living experience.


An Architectural Masterpiece: Bleu Ciel Premiere Penthouses

  1. Spacious, gallery-like interiors: Each penthouse boasts a generous 8,200 square feet of interior space, designed with an open, gallery-like layout. This makes it ideal for hosting lively cocktail parties or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, surrounded by your favorite art and mementos.
  2. Stunning outdoor terraces: Complementing the lavish interiors, each penthouse features over 8,000 square feet of terrace space. These expansive outdoor areas are perfect for soaking in the sun, entertaining guests, or simply enjoying a moment of peace while gazing out over the city.
  3. Unique cantilever pools: The true showstoppers of the Bleu Ciel Premiere Penthouses are the extraordinary cantilever pools, extending past the building and offering a thrilling, unobstructed view of bustling Uptown Dallas. These architectural marvels are perfect for cooling off during hot summer days or enjoying a moonlit swim under the stars.

A Prime Location: Where Art, Culture, and Serenity Meet

  1. In the heart of Uptown Dallas: Bleu Ciel is ideally situated in the vibrant Uptown neighborhood, where art, culture, and garden oases converge. Enjoy the best of city living, with a diverse array of galleries, museums, and performance venues just steps from your front door.
  2. A tranquil retreat: Despite its central location, Bleu Ciel offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The building is surrounded by lush gardens and green spaces, providing a peaceful haven for residents to unwind and recharge.
  3. Easy access to urban amenities: Living at Bleu Ciel means you’re never far from the action. World-class shopping, dining, and entertainment options are within easy reach, ensuring you can make the most of your extraordinary Uptown Dallas lifestyle.

For those who desire the grandeur and convenience of an estate without the worry, the Bleu Ciel Premiere Penthouses offer an unmatched luxury living experience. With their spacious, gallery-like interiors, expansive terraces, and breathtaking cantilever pools, these homes are designed for those who seek both excitement and tranquility. Welcome home to Bleu Ciel, where every day is extraordinary.

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